NHS Heroes

During the pandemic over the last 6 months, like many others, I have been mainly sitting at home, safe with my family away from the dangers so many others were facing.  Watching the horror unfold around us on the news was like watching an apocalyptic sci-fi movie! I felt so helpless just sitting at home while the staff in the NHS put themselves in danger and worked tirelessly to keep us and our loved ones safe.  Even clapping on the doorstep felt like such an insignificant gesture so, inspired by the Portraits for NHS Heroes movement started by fellow artist Tom Croft, I turned to what I CAN do and started to offer free charcoal portraits to NHS staff including a series of 10 drawings to Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust. So many of us felt so helpless at that time, it seemed like such a small thing to offer this work to those who have helped keep us safe.  It is with sincere thanks that I offer these portraits to such amazing NHS Heroes!

Unfortunately due to current restrictions the work is unable to be viewed as a collection in the flesh, instead, a “virtual reality” gallery has been created for you to visit:
Artsteps Virtual Gallery
(please be aware this is not compatible with many mobile phones and is better viewed on a desktop computer, you can also view the individual images below)


For commission enquiries in this style, contact me.  Please be aware a lengthy waiting list applies.